Interchange Publications

Who We Are and What We Can Do for You

Interchange is a small specialist publishing house. We are practitioners and practitioner-academics who use desktop publishing technology to prepare resources for practitioners.

Almost all titles deal with both concepts and practice. Publications are short-run (and therefore costly) to allow reasonably frequent revision. To reduce the end costs to users, they are sold mainly by mail order, at trade prices.

Our diverse readership comes from many backgrounds:

  • community and organisational development and change
  • training and development
  • education
  • personal and professional development
  • action research
  • social consultancy in general

Ordering Publications From Interchange

The Interchange website allows you to print out a completed order form for you to mail or fax to our head office. The form below requires you to check the box next to the title you are ordering along with a quantity.

If you are an overseas customer, please check the "Overseas Orders" checkbox. Descriptions for each book are available by clicking the link in the "Info" column.

When the "Overseas Orders" checkbox is left unchecked, it is assumed you are an Australian customer and 10% for GST will be automatically added to the order total.

Once you are satisfied with your order quantites, click the "Submit" button. Print out the final page by selecting File > Print from your browser's menu.

Interchange Publications Order Form

Publication Title Quantity Order Info
Helping groups to be effective: skills, processes and concepts for group facilitation. Second edition. By Bob Dick.
Prices: A$53.90 (GST inc). International - A$49.00
Frameworks for effective third party conflict management. By Bob Dick.
Prices: A$17.60 (GST inc). International - A$16.00
From the profane to the sacred: small groups as vehicles for cultural change. By Tim Dalmau and Bob Dick.
Prices: A$20.90 (GST inc). International - A$19.00
Jung for sceptics: Jung's psychological types as decision-making preferences. By Bob Dick.
Prices: A$26.40 (GST inc). International - A$24.00
Managing transitions: a key to creating effective learning environments. By Tim Dalmau and Bob Dick.
Prices: A$20.90 (GST inc). International - A$19.00
Rigour without numbers: the potential of dialectical processes as qualitative research tools. Second edition. By Bob Dick.
Prices: A$27.50 (GST inc). International - A$25.00
Search: a participative community planning process (including a participant workbook). By Bob Dick.
Prices: A$20.90 (GST inc). International - A$19.00
To tame a unicorn...: recipes for cultural intervention. Abridged version revised. By Bob Dick and Tim Dalmau.
Prices: A$26.40(GST inc). International - A$24.00
Values in action: applying the ideas of Argyris and Schon.
Second Edition. By Bob Dick and Tim Dalmau.
Prices: A$42.90 (GST inc). International - A$39.00
Overseas Orders: If you are ordering from overseas please tick the box to exclude GST from the price. $10AUD will be added to overseas orders for postage.