Action researchers speak about their reasons for choosing action research


Several well-known action researchers speak about why they choose to do action research. Click on the author's names below to download a PDF file ...   

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Hilary Bradbury
L David Brown Mary Brydon-Miller
Dawn Chandler and Bill Torbert David Coghlan
Bob Dick Olav Eikeland
Werner Fricke Victor J Friedman
Davydd Greenwood Ian Hughes
Elizabeth Kasl and Lyle Yorks James G Kelly et al
Patricia Maguire Robin McTaggart
Peter Reason (1) Peter Reason (2)
Peter Reason (3) Peter Reason (4)
Shankar Sankaran John Shotter
Ernie Stringer Marja Liisa Swantz


Mary Brydon-Miller, Davydd Greenwood and Patricia Maguire invited members of the editorial board of the journal Action research to respond to the question "Why action research?".  Their article in the journal identified common themes in the responses.  The papers above are the replies that members of the editorial board sent to the authors.

The article is: Brydon-Miller, M., Greenwood, D., and Maguire, P (2003) Why action research? Action Research, 1(1), 9-28.


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