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The effective practitioner: a workbook 1


This is a resource file which supports the regular public program "areol" (action research and evaluation on line) offered twice a year beginning in mid-February and mid-July.  For details email Bob Dick  or

...  in which you have the opportunity to analyse and learn from an interaction which you would like to have handled better, or more easily, or more satisfyingly than you did


Overview of process

  • Choose a critical event and describe it in detail
  • Analyse it as if it were someone other than you involved
  • Work out ways you might have approached it differently
  • In small groups, further analyse the critical events one at a time
  • Develop personal action plans to make use of the insights 


(You can use this workbook in conjunction with the values questionnaire if you wish)


 1  List a number of recent interactions

Take out your diary (or imagine doing so, if you do not have it with you).  Beginning with the present, check back through it.  Recall the events you have experienced over the last month or so of your life.  As you do so, pay attention to events which display in some way your role as a consultant or facilitator, Make notes about the events that have occurred, and your consultancy role and style as displayed in those events.  List some of the interactions that occurred

Jot down enough notes to build up a picture of your recent activities as a consultant or facilitator.

Look over the notes.  Mark in some way those that did not turn out as well as you would have liked them too.


 2  Choose a specific interaction

Now consider the events you have marked.  They are likely to be interactions where you experienced yourself as...

  • less effective
  • less satisfied
  • less supportive, or
  • less helpful to yourself or others


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