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I'm Bob Dick.  That's me, above.  These days I think of myself as an independent scholar, an educator, facilitator, coach, and change consultant. I'm Brisbane-based, and also work elsewhere in Australia and nearby.

I'm avidly interested in consultancy and facilitation work that's stimulating, worthwhile, and helps to make the world a better place. I very much prefer highly participative assignments, with wide involvement of those people who have a stake in what's happening. I prefer to work in ways that help the people I work with to acquire my skills and processes by working with me.

And I enjoy being enticed into new collaborative work that lies within the margins of my skill and experience.

Here are examples of some of the work I do ...


   •   Consulting, mentoring and coaching for consultants and others

   •   Action learning programs for leadership development

   •   Building high performance teams collaboratively

   •   Coaching leaders and emerging leaders

   •   Assisting with cultural change using action learning

   •   Building organisational resilience using action learning

   •   Design and facilitation of change programs

   •   Participative diagnosis and evaluation

   •   Team building, communication and conflict management

   •   Helping apply complexity theory to "wicked" problems

   •   De-bureaucratising organisations

   •   Facilitating strategic planning and decision-making

   •   Facilitating in-house (and public) workshops

   •   Lots more in the general area of participative change

   •   (and you're very welcome to entice me into new territory)


I've been doing this kind of work for quite a while -- about 45 years -- and I'm still learning.  I enjoy it even more than I did when I was starting out.  If I wasn't doing it as a career I'd do it as a hobby.

If you'd like more information, there's a detailed CV here as a pdf file.


Contact:   bd (at) bigpond (dot) net (dot) au    +61 7 3378 5365 or (07) 3378 5365




The eastern corner of Australia, an action learning and change management hub




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