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This is the introduction to a series of occasional pieces on action research methodology.  The pieces appear at semi-regular intervals of the action research methodology mailing list, "armnet-l".  The intention there is that the occasional pieces may provide a trigger for deeper discussions about methodology.  They are collected here as they appear on armnet, for ease of access.

There is an index to the pages, below.

The origins of armnet-l are relevant here.  My reasons for starting it were mainly twofold.

First, there seemed to be a growing interest in qualitative methodologies generally, including action research.  So a list on action research methodology seemed timely.

Second, the discussion on arlist-l (a companion action research list) became very technical from time to time.  This often displeased many of the participants, some of whom informed me that it was too academic for them.  Armnet-l was intended to provide an alternative venue for people who wished to explore issues in a depth that wasn't relevant for most subscribers.

The "occasional pieces" are intended to be consistent with both of these aims.

Links to the pieces follow ... 

piece  1   "Good" research

piece  2   What is action research?

piece  3   Critical thinking (1)

piece  4   Critical thinking (2)

piece  5   On maps and territories

piece  6   The ladder of inference

piece  7   Abstraction, and theories

piece  8   Cycles within cycles

piece  9   Cyclic critical reflection

piece 10  Emergent methodologies

piece 11  Participation (1)

piece 12  Participation (2)

piece 13  Rigour (1)

piece 14  Rigour (2)

piece 15  Qualitative and quantitative

piece 16  Grounded theory (1)

piece 17  Grounded theory (2)

piece 18  Grounded theory (3)

piece 19  Grounded theory (4)

piece 20  Grounded theory (5)

piece 21  Generalisation (1)

piece 22  Generalisation (2)

piece 23  Generalisation (3)

piece 24  Varieties of action research (1)

piece 25  Grounded theory revisited (1)

piece 26  Grounded theory revisited (2) 

piece 27  Grounded theory revisited (3)

piece 28  Grounded theory revisited (4)


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